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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Lockman UK we pride ourselves on being able to gain access to any vehicle without causing damage to the lock or having the need to smash a window. We have a strong reputation for being one of the best at picking locks in the industry.

In 1995 car manufacturers started installing transponders into the key’s plastic mould which is uniquely coded for each vehicle. When creating a new key the new key’s transponder has to be coded into the vehicle to ensure that it can start it.

In such a situation the concern will always be that if someone finds the key they can start your car. We can help in this situation by first deleting the lost key from the car’s ECU so that it cannot be started. Secondly, we can either re-pin or replace your locks so that the lost key cannot gain access into the car therefore rendering it useless.

Lockman UK can modify your existing locks so that one key fits all. So don’t carry more keys than you need to.

Yes there is a quicker way. We can code a new key-card to the vehicle the same day. We carry the genuine key-cards in stock so can have a new key for you the same day. Renault dealers have to apply for a new key-card from Renault headquarters – we don’t.

Yes this can be fixed. This is a common fault on certain models of Peugeot. We can either repair or, as a last resort, replace the ignition barrel without you having to pay dealer prices for key components.

If you still have both pieces of the key then yes most likely we can cut you a key. Just bring the key to us or call and we can come to you to cut a new one.

To order a new key you will need the car make and model, the registration plate, VIN number and if applicable the vehicle codes.

The vehicle code, or sometimes Immo code, is a code which is needed to access the car’s system to code in new keys. This will be in your car’s handbook. If you do not have these, we can get retrieve these from our database for a small fee.

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